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Truly is the home of three fantastic sprinkle brands – Scrumptious, Twist Ingredients and Sprinkletti.

A little bit about us ...

Our aim has always been to make the widest selection of sprinkles available to the largest audience, from home bakers to bakeries, independent stores to high street shops, village bakers to commercial bakeries.


With over 800 varieties and pack sizes from 50g to 25kg we cater for all your sprinkle needs.


Our Story

The business was launched by sisters Louise Gough and Niki Thompson in 2010, sparked by our frustration at the limited choice and quantities of sprinkles on offer.


Having realised that we can’t be the only bakers that needed more than a 50g pot of jelly diamonds from the supermarket or less than 300kg from a distributer - Truly was born.


From humble beginnings – we started with 2 shelves in the storeroom of our family bakery but demand for our products meant that it wasn’t long before we were thrown out of the bakery (it seems we took up too much room!) and moved into a small industrial unit in Ludlow.  In 2018 we moved into Sprinkles HQ with a 12,000 sq. ft building. We were able to rapidly grow, increasing our range.


In 2023 we will be expanding again with an extra 11,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space being added to our current building.  Perfect for our ever growing range of sprinkles and an expanding team, which includes the recent appointment of our New Business Development Director, Mike Forrester. 


Mike is concentrating on growing Truly’s sales through retail, wholesale, and foodservice, via D2C and B2B channels as well as expanding the growing export market.


We are very proud to be a UK distributer for some of Europe’s most respected manufacturers – Hatziyiannakis, Sidilco and Zucceroo.


We maintain our philosophy of the best products in a range of sizes to suit everyone – from pot to pallet…

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With over 800 varieties of sprinkles and cases, cutters and baking essentials we have everything that you need for your

baking sessions.


Order directly from the website for home delivery or set up a Trade Account to retail Scrumptious products to your own customers.



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The same huge range of products but in larger pack sizes of 700g – 25kg, perfect for bakeries and repackers.  


Order directly from the website as a guest or set up a Trade Account to receive extra discounts on your orders.

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Our own Trademarked brand of perfectly mixed sprinkles.


Top off your cakes, cupcakes and cookies with the Sprinkletti mix of your choice and give your bakes the WOW factor. 

Order from either our Scrumptious website or as trade from the Twist website

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